Supercharge your startup with part-time industry leaders

Hire seasoned professionals from top-tier companies to tackle missions critical initiatives across all aspects of your company.



Find talent from top-tier companies

Unlike traditional consultants, our members have on-the-ground experience working at prominent startups and big tech companies.

  • Founders

    One third of our members are former or current founders

  • Team leaders

    Half of our members have built teams or managed people

  • Directors & VPs

    Two thirds of our members have been directors or VPs

  • Atlassian
  • Braintree
  • Clearbit
  • Dropbox
  • Flexport
  • Segment
  • Slack
  • Splunk
  • Vevo
  • Visa

How it works

Focus on the human aspects of hiring

We’ll help you navigate the hiring process so you can spend more time finding the right fit for your team.

  • 1

    Share your needs

    We’ll find the right people and make introductions

  • 2

    Meet face-to-face

    We’ll help navigate the vetting process

  • 3

    Outline the details

    We’ll provide resources to define scope and compensation

Roles and projects

Drive mission critical outcomes

Unlike traditional advisors, our members will drive results across all functions of your business.

  • Product

    • Product strategy
    • Roadmap prioritization
    • Product metrics
    • Product analytics strategy
    • Hiring and training
    • Product MVP definition
    • User value finding
    • Fractional leadership
  • Design

    • Field study
    • Design sprint
    • Innovation workshop
    • User personas
    • Customer insights
    • Product strategy narrative
    • Diary study
    • New product vision
    • Creative direction and strategy
    • Visual brand definition
    • Design system
    • Early product iteration
    • Hiring and training
    • Fractional leadership
  • Go-to-market

    • Marketing website
    • Competitive landscape research
    • Branding and positioning sprint
    • Sales playbook
    • Account-based strategy
    • Pricing & packaging strategy
    • Customer personas and messaging
    • Sales and marketing hiring and training
    • Content strategy
    • New market opportunities
    • Fractional leadership
  • Engineering

    • Process evaluation and improvements
    • Architecture review
    • Technical direction and roadmap
    • Task prioritization
    • Quality and efficiency improvements
    • QA test cases, plans, and procedures
    • Sales and marketing hiring and training
    • New technology development
    • Academia recruiting
    • Hiring and training
    • Fractional leadership
  • Finance

    • Revenue projections
    • Financial complicance
    • Financial audits
    • Vendor management
    • Fractional leadership
  • Operations

    • Internal communications
    • Company values
    • Career levels
    • Compensation frameworks
    • Fundraising
    • Security compliance and audit
    • Rollout OKRs
    • Fractional leadership

Case studies

Put collaboration at the center

Our members care about working directly with you and your team to solve problems and drive results

  • Tradebird

    Set product strategy

    Casey is a product expert who led customer definition and strategy for FAANG companies. He was hired by John to help his team conduct customer interviews, create personas and set product strategy for their assistive technology.

  • Tradebird

    Develop a go-to-market playbook

    Jennifer is a seasoned head of sales who’s defined go-to-market strategies at midsize enterprises. She was hired by Anna’s startup startup to develop a sales playbook for their breakthrough product in consumer electronics.

  • Tradebird

    Scale infrastructure

    Leah is an expert in graph databases and she’s held technical leadership roles at late stage startups. She recently left her job to focus on her family and was hired by Ashwin’s company part-time to lead the transition of their API to GraphQL.

  • Tradebird

    Optimize operations

    Jamal is looking to start his own startup after being the first finance hire at several e-commerce companies. He was hired by Miriam to develop revenue models and pricing strategy for her new D2C brand.

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